jasonJason Soucinek, Executive Director of Project Six19 

Dedicated to talking honestly about matters of sex, sexuality and relationships. Jason has spent the last decade engaging audiences of all ages and groups and meeting his audiences “where-they-are.” He approaches these topics with an awareness of the current culture and an ability to communicate these messages with creativity. Jason is a recognized seminar and conference speaker and has also written multiple articles on issues surrounding sexuality and youth culture for different magazines and news outlets. Jason is a graduate of Whitworth University where he  received his B.A. in Business Management and Communications. After graduation he worked in advertising and marketing. He also has several years of volunteering as a youth leader in local youth ministry.



Julia Feeser, Social Media and Program Coordinator for Project Six19

A self proclaimed life enthusiast with a passion for connecting people through stories. Julia graduated from Whitworth University in 2013 with a B.A. in communications and a minor in theatre.

Julia wants to see God’s purpose for sexuality become the reality of people’s hearts and minds, especially within her own generation. She believes in both the beauty and the struggle of understanding and practicing what it means to find every piece of one’s identity in Christ, and she wants to come alongside others through this process (so she may keeping learning too!).



 Holly Clark, Administrative Assistant for Project Six19

Holly is a 2012 Whitworth University graduate with a B.A. in communications and a certificate in ministry. After graduation Holly and her husband Jeremy traveled to Europe and was inspired by Taize, a French monastery and the people they met along the way to start her own writing adventures through her blog, Please Pass the Tea, and an internship with a publishing company.

With a passion for ministry in Spokane, community and the written word, Holly is overjoyed to step into the mission of Project Six19. After having the privilege of serving with Young Life at a local high school, Rogers, for the past three years, Holly has seen the importance of communicating the message of biblical sexual integrity to our youth.

In our generation, people are longing to be known and Holly hopes with the work of Project Six19, to help people find their true identity in the love of Christ.

Amy copyAmy Juran, Writing Assistant Intern

Amy is a culinary school graduate with a certificate in Baking and Pastry Arts. Sharing equal enthusiasm for both cooking and eating, she one day aspires to use these talents in some form of ministry. She firmly believes in the power that is present when loved ones gather around a table and share a meal together, and that the relationships formed there are a beautiful representation of the gospel.

She also cares dearly for kids and high school students, and empathizes with the challenges they face in standing firm in their faith as culture tells them to do the opposite.  After leading a group of high school girls for two years, she understands the immense need for truth among young people, and she is excited to partner with Project Six19 in spreading awareness of God’s intention for our sexuality. The main thing she hopes to portray in her writing is the incredible value God places in each and every person, and how our self worth should be derived from His unconditional love for us.

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