About Jason


I am just trying my best to figure out life, love Jesus and love others. I worked in advertising for few years and volunteered as a youth worker for even more. I then began sharing my testimony on starting over (I became sexually active as a teen and then made a choice to wait until marriage – I waited 14 years) and have dedicated the last 10 years to studying, writing and speaking on the topics of sex, sexuality, relationships, and culture.

Four years ago I started a nonprofit ministry, Project Six19, in the hopes of continuing to create honest, transparent and creative ways to discuss and challenge others to live with sexual integrity as they pursue spiritual wholeness in Christ.

This blog serves as a place for myself and the team at Project Six19 to share our perspectives, observations, experiences and personal stories as we face daily our purpose in sharing a message of sexual integrity.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

3 thoughts on “About Jason

  1. Jason! Thanks for the work you put into this site. I was encouraged by it today. Big love to you brother! Connect next time we’re close? (I’m currently in CO.)

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