Our 10 Most Popular Posts of 2015


Each week, we bring you a smattering of brand new blog posts and current sexual integrity news and trends via our Facebook page.

To calculate the most popular posts of 2015, we took the articles/stories with the most amount of people reached and ranked them by total number of people who clicked on the post.

Here are the ten stories/articles you found the most fascinating in 2015:

10. Four Things That Will Actually Help You Wait For Sex

9. Five Game Changers for Your Love Life in 2015

8. 50 Shades Today: A Plea to Parents and Youth Workers

7. The Importance of Nonsexual Touch

6. Eight Celebrities Who Decided True Love Waits

5. Three Reasons I Speak to Young People About Waiting For Sex

4. Lost Innocence: Why Girls Are Having Rough Sex at 12

3. Russell Wilson: Ciara and I Aren’t Having Sex After God Spoke to Me

2. VMA Hangover: Thoughts the Morning After the Awards

And the most popular post of 2015 goes to…

Craig Gross’s announcement of XXXChurch’s partnership with Project Six19!

Watch below:

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