11 Responses to Tim Tebow That Are Actually Positive

Tim Tebow was allegedly dumped by his former Miss Universe girlfriend because he didn’t want to have sex, and the internet had a lot to say about it.

Unfortunately, most of the media’s reactions were poking fun at Tebow for not being willing to have sex with a beautiful woman, with many responses mockingly calling into question his overall manhood.

For Tim Tebow and others who have chosen to save sex for marriage, it can sometimes feel like the whole world is against you, or at least pointing fingers and telling you you are wrong, weird, sheltered, or somehow less of a person.

In light of the negative and mocking responses, here are 11 people who are actually supportive of Tim Tebow’s decision:


This girl, who just wants to give Tim some mad props:

Alicia, who was over it:

This guy who’s asking the big questions:

This girl who sees the silver lining:

This girl who likes a man who holds to his beliefs:

This guy who has made a very asute observation about the world:

This girl who is all about the supportive emojis:

This girl who is grateful for a different kind of role model:

This guy who is also over it:

This girl who is feeling a lot more confident:

And this guy is all about sticking to your convictions:

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