Pornography Infographic

Did you know pornography has been the most dominant use of the internet since its inception until very recently?  Social networking has finally passed pornography as society’s internet habit. However, after viewing today’s infographic, that information will not seem possible.

Online pornography is a multibillion dollar industry where every second over 3000 dollars are spent. Pornographers in our country make more money than all major league sports combined (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, etc.). Those are astounding numbers and the profits of the pornographic firms only prove those points more.

Project Six19 has been working on a porn series for youth and young adults and something I am beginning to realize is that I don’t think porn is going anywhere. Unless someone shuts down the internet, pornography will continue to be an online powerhouse.

Hopefully, the infographic below will shed some light on the issues we are facing.


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